What Pitcher Has Most Home Runs?

Has a pitcher ever hit a homerun in the World Series?

Dave McNally and Bob Gibson McNally, pitching for the Orioles, belted a homer in Game 5 of the 1969 World Series and hit one again in the 1970 World Series in Game 3..

What pitcher has given up the most home runs?

Jamie MoyerThe record for the most home runs allowed by any pitcher belongs to Jamie Moyer (522). The National League record for most home runs allowed belongs to Warren Spahn with 434 and the American League record is 422 held by Frank Tanana.

Has anyone hit 5 home runs in a game?

The record for most home runs in a single game is eight, held by Jay “Nig” Clarke for Corsicana of the Texas League on June 15, 1902. Five home runs in a game has been achieved four times: Pete Schneider (1923), Lou Frierson (1934), Cecil Dunn (1936) and Dick Lane (1948).

Who has the most home runs right now?

Active Leaders & Records for Home RunsRankPlayer (yrs, age)Home Runs1.Albert Pujols (20, 40)6622.Miguel Cabrera (18, 37)4873.Edwin Encarnacion (16, 37)4244.Nelson Cruz (16, 39)41795 more rows

Has a pitcher hit a homerun?

Wes Ferrell holds the all-time Major League Baseball record for home runs hit while playing the position of pitcher. He hit 37 as a pitcher. Baseball Hall of Famers Bob Lemon and Warren Spahn are tied for second with 35 career home runs apiece.

Who has the most home runs in 2020?

MLB Stat Leaders 2020Home RunsHR1 Luke VoitNYY222 Jose AbreuCHW193 Marcell OzunaATL184 Mike TroutLAA172 more rows

Who is the only pitcher to allow 50 home runs in a season?

Bert Blyleven1. Bert Blyleven, Minnesota Twins in 1986 — 50 HRs. Bert Blyleven tops the list for most home runs given up in a single season and makes his second appearance in the top 5.

Who leads the majors in home runs?

Career Leaders & Records for Home RunsRankPlayer (yrs, age)Home Runs1.Barry Bonds (22)7622.Hank Aaron+ (23)7553.Babe Ruth+ (22)7144.Alex Rodriguez (22)69693 more rows

Who is the best postseason pitcher of all time?

All-time and Single-Season Postseason Pitching LeadersRank.Player1.Lefty Gomez1.0002.Mariano Rivera.8893.Ryan Madson.8574.Curt Schilling.8468 more rows

Who has the most pitching wins in MLB history?

Cy Young+Career Leaders & Records for WinsRankPlayer (yrs, age)Wins1.Cy Young+ (22)5112.Walter Johnson+ (21)4173.Pete Alexander+ (20)373Christy Mathewson+ (17)373125 more rows

Who pitched over 300 innings without giving up a home run?

Roberts, the first hurler to give up 300 career homers (in 1958), and 400 career homers (in 1961), closed out his long career with 502 in 4689 innings (one/9.3)….Robin RobertsHr502IP4689IP/Hr9.331 more columns

How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit as a pitcher?

14 homersFor example, Babe Ruth hit 14 homers as a pitcher, not 714. [/fn] The active career leader is Carlos Zambrano with 23 home runs and no other active pitcher has 15 or more home runs in his career. Ferrell is also the record-holder for most home runs hit by a pitcher in one season.

Who is considered the best pitcher of all time?

Jake ArrietaThe Best Pitchers Of All TimePITCHERRATING1Jake Arrieta66.82Clayton Kershaw66.83Chris Sale61.24Stephen Strasburg59.06 more rows•May 12, 2016

What is the rarest thing in baseball?

Unassisted triple plays The rarest type of triple play, and one of the rarest events of any kind in baseball, is for a single fielder to complete all three outs. There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays in MLB history, making this feat rarer than a perfect game.

Has a pitcher ever hit 2 homeruns in a game?

The most famous pitcher-two-homer game was by Rick Wise of the 1971 Philadelphia Phillies. The two homers weren’t the most notable thing he did — he also pitched a no-hitter that day against the Cincinnati Reds.

Which team has the most home runs this season?

Must C: Twins’ 300th HR2019 Yankees: 306 homers.2019 Astros: 288 homers.