Quick Answer: What Mental Disorder Does Holden Have?

How does Holden show depression?

While it is obvious that Caulfield is depressed (he says so throughout the book, and he exhibits symptoms of depression, such as an inability to concentrate and anhedonia, a lack of interest in just about anything), it may be less obvious that he appears to be both manic and psychotic..

What does Holden struggle with?

major conflict The major conflict is within Holden’s psyche. Part of him wants to connect with other people on an adult level (and, more specifically, to have a sexual encounter), while part of him wants to reject the adult world as “phony,” and to retreat into his own memories of childhood.

Did Holden Caulfield have depression?

Holden displays many common traits of a person with PTSD following this loss. He has substantial amounts of guilt and depression and struggles to remember the details of events in his life. Holden’s emotions seem to be highly unbalanced. His rage is extreme and his joy is more manic.

Who is Holden favorite character in Romeo and Juliet?

MercutioBecause one of the nuns is an English teacher, they begin to discuss Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. It is no surprise that Holden’s favorite character is Mercutio, Romeo’s glib, subversive best friend.

Why does Holden call himself a madman?

Holden, who frequently calls himself a “madman,” imagines that Jesus could also cure him. … In Holden’s view, rituals, theology, and dogma are imposed from outside and therefore turn people into phonies. So even though Holden respects Jesus as a spiritual figure, he rejects the religion founded on his name.

What kind of mental illness does Holden Caulfield have?

While Salinger never provides a specific diagnosis, references to Holden’s mental instability are clear throughout the novel, and the reader could easily make the connection that Holden suffers from some combination of depression, anxiety, and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Why was Holden in a mental hospital?

Multiple scholars view Holden’s alienation as a veiled response to what Salinger had witnessed as a soldier in World War II, where he spent 11 months advancing on Berlin. Shortly after the German surrender, he checked himself into a mental hospital.

Is Holden Caulfield crazy?

Holden (despite the confusion of the Harcourt Brace executive) is not crazy; he tells his story from a sanatorium (where he has gone because of a fear that he has t.b.), not a mental hospital. The brutality of the world makes him sick.

Is Holden Caulfield mentally ill?

Caulfield may be seen as suffering from a variety of mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This mental state could be a result of a variety of factors, including the death of his younger brother Allie, as well as witnessing the gruesome scene of a classmate’s death.