Quick Answer: What Does Off You Go Mean?

What does off with you mean?

An instruction for someone to depart immediately..

What does off and running mean?

“You’re off and running.”= you have made a start and you are progressing very well. The sentence comes from the official start of a horse race when the announcer calls, “They’re off and running!.”

What does it mean a house is off market?

What Does Off Market Mean in Real Estate? Off market real estate is a term used to describe properties that are for sale or have already been sold without any advertising on the MLS or public knowledge. … In the past, off market deals were typically preserved for ultra-high-end properties.

Is now up and running means?

If something, especially a system or a machine, is up and running it is operating: The engineer soon got the air-conditioning up and running again.

What does runned mean?

Filters. (nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of run.

Would be better off meaning?

phrase. If you say that someone would be better off doing something, you are advising them to do it or expressing the opinion that it would benefit them to do it.

What does the slang far out mean?

An interjection meaning “great” or “cool,” as in All he could say when he won the lottery was “Far out!” Originally a slang term for daringly creative jazz, this expression has been applied to other art forms and undertakings. [

What does being off the market mean?

Have you heard people talk about an off-market listing and wondered what they meant? An off-market sale is a term used to define a property that is selling, or has already been sold, without any public advertising.

What does I’m cool off you mean?

Definition of ‘cool off’ If someone cools off, they become less angry than they were. We’ve got to give him some time to cool off. See full dictionary entry for cool. You may also like.

What does way off mean?

Adjective. way off (not comparable) remote; far; distant (in space) remote; far in the future. very wrong, not even close quotations ▼

What does good off you mean?

If you tell someone, “I’m good off you” it means you’re perfectly content with not interacting with this person. It’s fairly insulting to tell someone this. This phrase is more commonly used with objects.

What does back on the market mean?

A bad move for any new listing is to go from active “for sale” to pending status, and then suddenly appear back on the market. “Back on market” are three words no agent wants to see attached to a listing.

What does a long way off mean?

a way off ​Definitions and Synonyms phrase. DEFINITIONS2. a long time in the future.

What does off we go mean?

leaving to go”Off we go…” Means that you are leaving to go somewhere. You can either just say “Off we go!” Or “Off we go to the store!” It is usually used right when you are actually moving.

What does off the market mean in dating?

In reference to romantic relationships, someone who is “off the market” is no longer dating, no longer available. The person may be married or just in a committed relationship. The person, for whatever reason, had hoped that the other person was in a settled relationship.

What does it mean to be up and coming?

: gaining prominence and likely to advance or succeed an up-and-coming young actor.

What does I’m good on that mean?

Mark. 0. When you say “I’m good at that” that means you are doing good something, but “with that” means you have a good relation to something.

What does the phrase off the mark mean?

not accurate or correct: not accurate or correct : not achieving the desired result Their estimates were completely off the mark. His efforts to console her were off the mark.