Quick Answer: How Do I Make Unread Emails Different Colors In Outlook?

How do you highlight unread messages in Outlook?

How to highlight unread (new incoming) email messages in Outlook?In the Mail view, open the mail folder where you will highlight unread emails.Click View > View Settings to open the Advanced View Settings dialog box.In the Advanced View Settings dialog box, please click the Conditional Formatting button.More items….

How do you change unread emails in Outlook?

Mark a message as read or unreadRight-click the message.Click Mark as Read or Mark as Unread.To mark several messages as either read or unread at once, click the first message, hold down Ctrl, click the other messages, and then select the option you want.Repeat to toggle a message status from read to unread and back again.

How do I change the color of my emails in Outlook?

Change theme colors Open a new message. On the Options tab, click Colors, and pick the color set you want. Tip: The first group of colors are the colors in the current theme. To create your own set of colors, click Customize Colors.

How do I change the look of Outlook?

To change Outlook’s background pattern and theme:Click on the File tab in the navigation ribbon.Click on Options.Navigate to Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office under the General section.Choose a background pattern from the Office Background dropdown list.Choose a theme from the Office Theme dropdown list.More items…•

How do I view all unread emails in Outlook?

From your Inbox, choose the Folder tab > New Search Folder. Select Unread mail from the Reading Mail group, and then select OK.

Can you change the color of unread messages in Outlook 365?

Select one account you want to change the font color of unread messages, and click View > View Settings. 2. In the Advanced View Settings: Compact dialog, click Conditional Formatting. … Then in the Font dialog, in the Color drop-down list, select one color as you need.

How do I get rid of incorrect AutoComplete in Outlook?

You can clear all entries from the Auto-Complete List without turning AutoComplete off.Select File > Options > Mail.Under Send messages, choose Empty Auto-Complete List.Choose Yes to confirm you want to empty the list.

How do I change the color of unread emails in Outlook?

Watch the video above or follow these steps:From the View tab in the ribbon, select View Settings.Click Conditional Formatting.With the Unread messages view selected, click Font.Choose whatever font style, size, and color you like.

Can I color code emails in Outlook?

You can Color Code Emails in Outlook as an easy way to use visual elements to highlight messages in your Inbox. … This feature is called “Automatic Formatting” in Microsoft Outlook, but may be called “Color Formatting” or “Conditional Formatting” in other Email systems.

How do you highlight emails in Outlook?

For Outlook 2010:Go to the View tab.Select View Settings.Choose Conditional Formatting.Click Add.Name your rule.Click on Font and pick a color, style and size and click OK.Click on Condition.Type in the email address of the sender or senders you want to highlight.

How do I not see unread emails in Outlook?

To keep emails unread, go to File > Options > Advanced. Under “Outlook Panes,” click Reading Pane. Deselect “Outlook Reading Pane Options.” This also prevents a read receipt from being sent. CTRL + Q marks a message as read (and sends a read receipt).

How do I make unread emails bold in outlook?

Re: show unread outlook 365 messages bold You need to change the View settings: click the View tab on the Ribbon -> View Settings -> Conditional formatting -> select Unread messages -> edit the formatting as desired. You can also press the Reset view button, as bolding unread messages is the default behavior.

How can you remove an incorrect AutoComplete suggestion outlook?

Launch Outlook and begin a new mail message. Start typing a name or email address in the To field to reveal any Auto-Complete suggestions. Highlight the name you wish to remove using your arrow key and click the “Delete” button or press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

How do you make the sender bold in outlook?

To bold Sender: Outlook client->View tab->View Settings->Conditional Formatting->Add a new rules->Set the font style to Bold, the click OK.