Quick Answer: How Did Iswaran Build Up His Ghost Story?

Can u think of some other ending for the story?

The story could have ended on a more positive note.

Instead of resigning from his job, Mahendra could have been shown as a real courageous man and proving the ghost theory wrong..

Why did grandfather buy the monkey?

He bought Toto from a tonga-driver. The tonga-driver used to keep it tied to a feeding trough where the monkey looked highly out of place, so he decided to buy him to add to his private zoo. Describe Toto the monkey that Grandfather bought from the tonga-driver.

How does he narrate the story of the Tusker?

He narrated the story of an elephant by giving a prologue in which he called elephants ‘huge well- fed beasts. The tusker destroyed everything that came into the way. … The elephant continued grunting and stamping its feet. It looked frightening.

What did Mahendra decide after he had seen the ghost?

1 Answer. Mahendra was convinced that there were ghosts around his house. He was scared and did not want to live there any longer and so, he resigned his job.

How did iswaran bring down the elephant?

1 Answer. The elephant had caused much terror, children and teachers ran here and there to save their lives. Iswaran dared it and hit it on the third toe with a rod. Thus, the mad elephant was controlled.

How was the mad elephant breaking the fence?

Ans. The elephant entered the town by breaking down the fences like matchsticks. It came into the main road and smashed all the stalls selling fruits, mud pots and clothes. People ran here and there in fear and panic.

Why did Mahendra want to shift from his workplace?

Answer Expert Verified Mahendra had to move place to place because he was a supervisor in a firm . That firm offered to hire supervisors at the construction sites. The nature of his job was to move from one place to another. … His job was to keep an eye on the activities at the work site .

Who was Mahendra What did he do?

Mahendra was a junior supervisor in a firm which offered on hire supervisors at various types of construction sites like factories, bridges and dams. His job was to monitor the activities at the construction site.

Why did Mahendra enjoy his stories What was his reaction to the story relating to a ghost?

Iswaran had made Mahendra’s mind a little weak by telling him the ghost story. When Mahendra rebuked him for believing in ghosts, he felt offended. To prove that he was right he himself posed as a ghost. So, that is why Mahendra thought that he had seen a ghost at that full moon night.

How did Mahendra see the female ghost?

Mahendra calls ghosts or spirits a figment of the imagination as he did not believe in ghosts. One day Iswaran told him about a female ghost holding a foetus in her arms. On a full-moon night he woke up from his sleep and looked outside the window. He got shocked to see the same figure and began to sweat profusely.

Where did iswaran get the ideas of his stories from?

Answer: Iswaran used to read a tamil story book that was adventureus and thrilley. He get the idea from that book and he was fond of creating suspens.

What kind of person was iswaran?

He was quite accommodating and adjusted well to odd conditions that he faced at different places. He was a disciplined man and would get up early in the morning. He would leave for work after breakfast and carry lunch with him. Mahendra was very fond of his cook Iswaran whom he considered to be an asset.

How did Olga change Lushkoff?

Lushkoff revealed that olga had save him. she scolded and abuse him but she also suffered and shed tears for his sake it was olga who chopped wood for him. owing to her work and noble deeds ,a change had to taken place in his heart. she set him right and forced him to change his profession and lead a dignified life.

Why did Mahendra listen to iswaran’s stories without interrupting him?

Explanation: Mahendra listen to Iswaran story without interrupting him because Iswaran was an excellent storyteller his story’s are full of thril and are interesting .

What made Mahendra wake up on a full moon night?

What happens to him on a full-moon night? Mahendra was a very practical man. He often chided Ishwaran not to believe in ghost or spirits because they were not real but a figment of the imagination. On one full moon night, Mahendra woke up from his sleep by a low moan close to his window.