Quick Answer: Can I Crack SBI PO Without Coaching?

Can we crack SBI PO in 2 months?

With all these important tips for the SBI PO exam, this highly competitive exam can be cracked easily.

Be focused and dedicated for these 2 months, and success would surely follow.

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Who is the topper of SBI PO 2018?

Shubham ChandCTwT E80 – SBI PO 2018 Topper Shubham Chand.

Who is the topper of SBI PO 2019?

Saumya SinghCTwT E180 – SBI PO 2019 Topper Saumya Singh.

Can I crack SBI PO in 1 month?

Yes you can easily clear prelims in one month with right strategy and approach. Prelims is all about speed and accuracy. It is very important that you understand the demand of the exam and prepare accordingly. Take mock test and previous years questions to understand the type of topics which are asked and then proceed.

How many hours should I study for SBI PO?

So I would suggest 4–6 hrs dedicated prep everyday keeping SBI mains in mind not just prelims or interview or salary or job security but having a realistic approach to the exam and not worrying about mock test marks (which are subjective) is a great way to go about this experience.

Is 3 months enough for SBI PO?

SBI PO Preparation in 3 Months – The Month Wise Approach 5 hours of study every day is enough. Ensure that you have covered the entire syllabus by this time. Focus on the prelims more than the mains.

How can I clear my bank PO without coaching?

Now we will learn some useful tips with which one can easily clear IBPS PO Recruitment exam 2018.Learn the latest syllabus and exam pattern. … Go through previous exams’ analysis. … Identify your weakness and work on it. … Give proper time for study, practice and revision.

How can I prepare for SBI PO at home?

SBI PO Exam Pattern 2020Prelims Exam. Subject. … Mains Exam. Subject. … Revise from previous years’ question papers. You should focus on the revision of critical topics. … Revise with short tutorials. … Build a section-wise preparation tips. … Analyse mock tests. … Be clear with concepts. … Devise section-wise preparation strategy.More items…•

How many candidates are selected for SBI PO mains?

IBPS PO ration for Interview is 1:10, which means if 4000 candidates have appeared for mains exams, 400 aspirants are selected for the Interview process. So 1:10 ration of candidates will be selected for IBPS PO Interview 2020.

Is it hard to crack SBI PO?

The duration of SBI PO makes it extremely difficult to crack. The allotted time to complete the online examination is very less and that puts an added pressure on the candidate. You only get an hour in the Prelims, with sectional time division (20 minutes allotted to each of the three sections).

Which bank exam is easy?

IBPS RRBAmongst all the banking exams the easiest to crack is IBPS RRB – Regional Rural Bank examinations.

Which bank exam is best?

The best 10 bank exams in 2020 that aspirants can apply are explained in detail.SBI PO.SBI Clerk.IBPS PO.IBPS RRB.IBPS Clerk.IBPS SO.NABARD.Read More:

Does SBI PO get pension?

A SBI PO join with Four more increments i.e. rs 700 each. The basic Pay scale with Dearness Allowance (DA) i.e. 76.50% present. … Contribution By Bank To PF and Pension : This is additional benefit paid by SBI to their employees.

What is the salary of Po of SBI?

Rs.27,620The starting SBI PO salary is Rs. 27,620/- (basic pay) which is followed by four increments. The pay scale of a Probationary Officer/ Management Trainee is 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7- 42020.

Which is better SBI PO or SBI clerk?

SBI PO’s actual office timings are 10-5, however as PO is a very hectic and demanding job, therefore, work timings usually stretch beyond 10-5. SBI Clerk, on the other hand, has fixed timings from 10-5. Therefore the work-life balance of a clerk is easier than that of a PO.