Question: How Do You Play State Of Survival On Multiple Devices?

How do I change my Ros account?

Navigate to ACCOUNT – Switch Account from the welcome screen containing the “PLAY” button.

Navigate to Settings – User Center – Switch Account from the main menu containing your character..

How do I sell my state of survival account?

Here’s all you need to do to start selling State of Survival game accounts:Start posting offers. … Once a buyer selects your offer, you may then contact them via email or our onsite messenger to work out the details of the trade. … The buyer will then make the confirmation via our system and we’ll release your payment.More items…

How do you get lucky in State of survival?

Like any hero in State of Survival, Lucky is unlocked via fragments to be unlocked and/or purchased via a VIP pass. To do this, first select Lucky from the list of heroes. By clicking on the “more” icon available on the Lucky screen, you will be taken to the screen where you can get the VIP Kits.

How do I delete a character in State of survival?

You can’t delete, but I believe you can bring them back to zero. You get very little back, though.

Is state of survival any good?

State of Survival offers a huge amount of content for an Android game and refuses to be put down. Those who put in the effort will likely find great value.

How do I bind my Ros account?

There are two ways of binding a guest account:Navigate to ACCOUNT – Bind Account from the welcome screen containing the “PLAY” button.Navigate to Settings – User Center – Bind Account from the main menu containing your character.

What are Biocaps used for in state of survival?

Biocaps can be spent in a variety of ways. They can be used to purchase Settlement Buffs and items at the regular store, VIP Store and Market Stalls, Legendary Hero Fragments at Ray’s Place, one-off instant completion of building, research and troop training, activate VIP and extend Events.

How do you leave the state of survival?

To do so, tap on the Alliance at the bottom of your screen, then go to ‘Manage’ and tap ‘Leave’.

How do you log into state of survival?

Accessing the account menu is simple! Just tap on the account button, this will bring you to a screen much like the below screenshot. Simply tap on Account Management and login with your chosen binding platform!

Is state of survival cross platform?

You can play State of Survival using an Android emulator that will help you in downloading the app and playing the game using it. … Yes, the State of Survival is a cross-platform game, which means that you can play the game with your friends using the same server.

How do you bind accounts in rules of survival?

At the main interface of the Rules of Survival game on the phone, click on Account in the list on the right of the screen. … Then in the User Center interface click on the Bind Account .More items…•

How do I change the rules for survival email?

Select the sub-user you wish to update on the left. Click on “Amend ROS Email Addresses” on the right. Enter the sub-user’s new email address and click on “Update” to save.

What type of game is state of survival?

zombie-themed strategy gameState of Survival, the Android and iOS zombie-themed strategy game from KingsGroup storms charts and wins big in 2020.

What does VIP do in State of survival?

When your VIP is activated you will enjoy many kinds of benefits. These can include increasing your number of March Slots, increasing your Instant Construction time, Resource Production boost, Marching Speed increase, Troop Health, Attack and Defense bonuses among others.

Can you play State of survival on multiple devices?

You may also want to be able to play on more than one device. To back up your game you need to bind it to an external account. … The game will currently let you bind to external accounts such as Facebook, Google, VK.

How do I transfer my state of survival account?

To switch to a different game account, click on Switch Account. 5. ‘State of Survival’ lets you switch to a settlement linked with your Facebook, Google or VK account. Select the desired account and click on the Switch button next to it.

What is a farm account in State of survival?

With a farm account, you can create another settlement just for gathering resources. These resources can be transferred to strengthen your main settlement.