Self Serve Advertising Dashboard

A simple contact form would have sufficed, but where’s the fun in that? A 100% automated self-serve advertising dashboard is a much better solution!

What does it do?

A self-serve advertising dashboard allows customers to create sponsored posts automatically.

How does it work?

After the customer purchases an advertising package, they are redirected to a personal advertising dashboard. In the background, the system obtains and validates their purchase. Then, a unique ad item is generated with characteristics of the advertising package purchased.

The customer enters the URL of the product they wish to promote. The system validates the URL and displays a visual preview of the product. Once the customer confirms the advertisement, the ad is published.

Any fancy features?

Yes! Multiple security features protect the integrity of the advertising dashboard. Each customer’s dashboard is secured by auto-expiry timers and IP logging. When tampering is detected, the system emails the customer a new URL and revokes the old one.


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January 2018

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