App Advertising Dashboard

Existing advertising dashboards such as Google Adwords are clunky and don’t provide the information app publishers really need. App Advertising Dashboard is a redesigned dashboard mockup built to place the most important metrics at an app publisher’s finger tips.

What makes this dashboard better?

App Advertising Dashboard was designed with app publishers and app install campaigns in mind. The most important metrics for an app publisher are installs, retention, and engagement. This dashboard places those metrics on the dashboard so critical information is never more than one click away. In addition, App Advertising Dashboard helps advertisers understand their users like never before with the Timeline and Feedback tools.

Tell me more about these cool new tools!


The Timeline tool gives advertisers the power to filter users by behavioral attributes down to the individual user level. While other advertising solutions allow advertisers to create behavioral cohorts, App Advertising Dashboard allows advertisers to analyze an individual’s usage statistics to better understand how their apps are used. With the Timeline tool, advertisers can see when a user opened their app, how long they used it for, and how many times they used it per day.

The Feedback tool offers advertisers insights into user behavior that is unavailable anywhere else. Using the Feedback tool, advertisers can message individual users and ask them about their app usage. Now, instead of using analytics to guess, advertisers can just reach out and ask. The Feedback tool also allows app publishers to answer the one question no other advertising platforms can answer – why users are uninstalling their apps. App Advertising Dashboard gives app publishers the ability to reach out after an user has uninstalled their app and gain valuable knowledge about how they can improve retention and engagement.







September 2017

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